Nike Air Max Plus Parachute

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Nike Air Max Plus Parachute

The Nike Air Max line continues to be one of the athletic brand’s most celebrated sneaker franchises and one of the many styles to stand the test of time is the Nike Air Max Plus.

Nike launched its Air Max line began in 1987 with the Air Max 1, a then-revolutionary performance running sneaker designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield, which was the first shoe ever to feature the Air technology conceptualized by aerospace engineer Marion Franklin Rudy. As the years went by, Nike continued to employ new tech and cushioning systems, eventually leading to the debut of “Tuned Air” on the Nike Air Max Plus. The running sneaker, which was introduced to the public in 1998

Despite the current popularity of the model, there were initial drawbacks to the radical design within the brand as it needed its athletic powerhouse retailer to co-sign. According to Nike, a few meetings between McDowell and Nike’s now-former CEO Mark Parker went by before a Foot Locker executive suggested an experiment on how marketable the shoe was going to be by putting it on shelves at the store right when public schools let their students out and see what happens.

“Five or 10 minutes later, there were like 10 kids flocking to the shoe asking, ‘What is this? How do I get it?'” McDowell recalled. “The associates were looking around like, ‘I’ve never seen that thing before, I don’t know how much it costs, I don’t know where it came from,’ while the kids were running around like, ‘I want to buy this thing.’ They were almost frantic. I was beaming.

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