Nike Air VaporMax Plus Voltage Purple Cosmic Clay Vm

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Nike Air VaporMax Plus Voltage Purple Cosmic Clay

No stranger to mixing two seemingly incompatible elements, the Nike Air VaporMax further plays with colors as it fuses both purple and orange atop the same vibrant creation. Bearing uppers of the Air Max classic, the model has seen a wealth of gradient schemes and its latest is surely no exception. Closer to its midsole, the synthetics are dyed a deep sultry purple, one that blends ever-so-slightly into a less saturated shade right down the center line; this means tongues as well as much the entire toe box is gleamed with a filter of black throughout, only noticeably broken up by the strips of reflective stacked in parallel. Linings follow suit in the more neutral disposition, though they’re fully darkened, just as much of the overlaid hard shell and laces. Soles, however, are a different story as they lie much more neon through a gloss of Cosmic Clay. 

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