Supreme x BLU Burner Phone

Supreme x BLU Burner Phone

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Keeping your profile low key is becoming next to impossible in this day and age. Smartphones have transcended well beyond being just a mode of communication. With apps requesting permission to see your contacts, pinpoint your location, access your documents, and use your media, it’s hard to have any semblance of anonymity. That’s where the Supreme Blu burner phone comes in. This 3G GSM model takes things back to a simpler time when a cell phone was exactly what it’s supposed to be — a phone.

Supreme's burner does come equipped with a camera, color screen, and 16 GB memory card so it isn’t as archaic as its old school look would lead you to believe. The crux of its appeal lies in its dual SIM capability, which means you can change you number on a whim. This makes the cell phone ideal for a discrete mode of contact for your closest friends or to veil your secret identity and whatever affairs you want to keep off of the grid.